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Hello, I'm Michelle Murray...


If like a lot of people, you're finding that daily stresses, pressures and demands are stealing your best you. That you're struggling to find a way out of the rabbit run and into your best life. You have come to the right place. If you would like to think clearly, have bundles of energy, a sense of complete wellbeing and get that life you really want...STOP...PAUSE...BREATHE...I'm here to help.

I'm a Transformational Life Coach, Wellbeing and Fitness expert dedicated to those who truly want change in their lives. I take the holistic approach when it comes to my clients, leaving the blueprint at home and focusing on what works best for them.
My passion is helping YOU, taking you from where you are now in life to where you really want to be.

Being a mum of four, my life for many years was very much dedicated to the health and wellbeing of my young family. Then life, as it often does, took a turn, the children grew up and started to find their own way. Sadly, soon after my marriage broke down and I realised it was also time for me to leave and start a new life.

This was a huge (and scary) change and I soon realised I had to step up and be strong both physically and mentally to thrive in my new life. I slowly learnt how to reinvent myself. I trained as a Health and Fitness Coach and Pilates Instructor. But I soon realised that to get the real change I needed and that would also benefit my clients I'd have to go deeper and look at how our minds work. The way we think, our beliefs and even how we talk to ourselves can either propel us forward to our best self, living our best life or keep us stuck and wanting. After a lot of research and reading every book I could get my hands on I was hooked, and went on to train as a Mindset and Life Transformational Coach.

What an amazing journey!! I've learnt that almost anything is possible and it can be really exciting coming out of your comfort zone on a regular basis where all the growth and fun things happen. I took a combination of that passion and my innate desire to help people to create Mojo-me- a place where achieving your goals can become a reality. The joy of learning, progressing and finally being able to pass on my knowledge and help others to live their best lives has been priceless.

I'm now really excited to go on this journey with you and help you to find the strength and courage to turn your life around too.

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